Irish Monkman, Certified Equine Massage Therapist (C.E.M.T.)

Equi-Motion offers the following:

Assessments, advanced massage therapy, acupressure, myo-facia releasing, cranial-sacral adjustments, electro acupressure and muscle therapy, moxibustion, saddle issues (fitting), stretching and some chiropractic and joint play. Depending on the horse and its situation a variety of these methods can be used together for a more positive outcome. Chronic issues usually need at least 3 treatments, and sometimes more. Clients will see a difference with one treatment but for lasting results usually more than one is needed depending on what is being treated and why.

Please contact Irish for pricing information!

*Please keep in mind that while massage therapy improves the overall health of the horse, it is NOT a substitution for veterinarian services. If your horse is exhibiting signs of serious health issues, contact your vet! I am willing to work with your vet to customize a wellness plan for your horse as massage will compliment any treatment plan.*