Irish Monkman, Certified Equine Massage Therapist (C.E.M.T.)

Welcome to Equi-Motion Therapy, where we strive to enrich the lives of our equine friends!

Over the years equestrians are becoming more educated and accepting of the powerful effects of equine massage therapy and alternative methods. They are a wonderful, non-invasive additive to any horse’s training that can be used to increase performance. They help to remove the physical issues in the body related to stress and injury…and help alleviate the mental stresses that place a heavy toll on our high performance athletes. Non-competitive horses can benefit as well by relieving physical tension and aiding mental relaxation for complete wellness.

Massage therapy and alternative methods can benefit horses of all ages, sizes and disciplines from a mini, to a foal, to an Olympian. After all, they are all natural athletes and should be treated in that respect! Doesn’t your equine partner deserve the best?

Irish is now a proud endorser for Basic Equine Nutrition products. The usage of these products can produce an amazing outcome! Check out the Basic Equine Nutrition website for more information. All Equi Motion Therapy clients are offered a discount on any Basic Equine Nutrition products purchased through Irish! If you have any questions about the products don't hesitate to contact Irish.

*Please keep in mind that while massage therapy improves the overall health of the horse, it is NOT a substitution for veterinarian services. If your horse is exhibiting signs of serious health issues, contact your vet! I am willing to work with your vet to customize a wellness plan for your horse as massage will compliment any treatment plan.*